About Me

I am a real estate advisor who provides the most professional advice and recommendations for clients looking to buy or develop a property. I usually work with residential and commercial real estate investors who invest in projects with high-rises, not homeowners and land sellers.

Consider me a “behind the scenes” expert. I conduct thorough research to guide clients’ decision-making at each project phase. Advisors ensure clients’ overall investment results rather than just focusing on transactions.

What Does a Real Estate Advisor Do?

A real estate advisor assists clients in making decisions through extensive research and expert knowledge. It is the first thing to hold an initial conversation with clients to determine the primary and secondary goals. After the goals have been established, a real estate professional develops a strategy to meet them at the lowest cost.

 For instance, I’m involved in several property development projects. They are usually recruited before the land is secured. The client relies on the real estate professional to determine the feasibility of the investment. The consultant confirms this by visiting the job site, interacting with local real estate professionals and analysing market trends.

I am a Civil Engineer

From 2004 to 2019 June, I did design and construction of high rise projects

15 Years Exeperience 

Working in Sales

I am working in real estate sales since june 2019.

Expereince : 3 Years