2 kanal house for sale in Lahore

In the real estate scene, a 2-kanal house for sale in Lahore stands out for its grandeur and luxury. Nestled in prestigious neighborhoods, these residences symbolize affluence and status.

Spanning around 1,000 square yards, they offer vast space and exclusivity. With expansive lawns and lush gardens, they exude elegance and sophistication.

It is ideal for discerning homeowners seeking luxury living. 2-kanal house for sale in Lahore promises unparalleled comfort, privacy, and prestige.

Whether as a family home or a statement investment, they represent the pinnacle of Lahore’s upscale real estate market.

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2 kanal house for sale in Lahore

2 kanal house price in Lahore

These prices vary based on location, amenities, infrastructure, and demand, with more prime and central areas commanding higher prices.

2 kanal house price in Lahore

Prime Locations 

  1. DHA
  2. Gulberg
  3. Bahria Town
  4. Johar Town

Size of 2 kanal house in Lahore

A 2 kanal house in Lahore typically has dimensions of approximately 100 feet by 90 feet. This translates to an area of 40 marlas, which is equivalent to 1,000 square yards or 9,000 square feet.

Overall, a 2 kanal house in Lahore offers spacious and luxurious living spaces, perfect for families seeking comfort, privacy, and sophistication in their dream home.

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Size of 2 kanal house in Lahore

USE Of a 2 kanal house for sale in Lahore

2-kanal house for sale in Lahore offers versatile opportunities for both residential and commercial purposes:

Residential Use:

  1. Luxurious Residence: Utilize the entire property as a grand and spacious residential home, perfect for accommodating large families or hosting lavish gatherings.
  2. Multi-Generational Living: With ample space, the house can accommodate multiple generations of a family, providing separate living areas or even adding annexes for extended family members.
  3. Home Office: Designate a portion of the house as a home office or workspace, providing a professional environment for remote work or running a business from home.
  4. Rental Income: Convert a section of the house into a rental unit, generating passive income by renting out rooms or floors to tenants.

Commercial Use:

  1. Boutique Hotel or Guesthouse: Transform the property into a boutique hotel or guesthouse, offering luxurious accommodations for tourists or business travelers.
  2. Restaurant or Café: Convert part of the house into a restaurant or café, capitalizing on its spacious layout and elegant ambiance to attract diners.
  3. Corporate Office: Utilize the property as a corporate office or headquarters for businesses, taking advantage of the grandeur and prestige of the location.
  4. Event Venue: Utilize the spacious indoor and outdoor areas to host events, weddings, or corporate functions.

By creatively adapting the layout and design of a 2-kanal house, residential and commercial purposes can be effectively served, offering opportunities for luxury living or lucrative business ventures in Lahore.

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