Flats Apartments for Sale in Lahore

Are you searching for flats apartments for sale in Lahore? You have landed in the right place. On this platform, you will have all the details about the latest inventory at prime locations of Lahore like DHA Lahore, Bahria Town, Gulberg, and Johar Town.

The flats apartments for sale in Lahore are approved from LDA and cleared from FBR. All units on our platform are verified and documents are checked before before putting on offer.

Flats apartments for sale in Lahore

Types of Apartments for Sale in Lahore

Regarding Flats apartments for sale in Lahore, there is a diverse range of types and sizes to suit various preferences and needs. Here are some common types and sizes you can find in the Lahore real estate market:

  1. Luxury apartments for sale in Lahore
  2. Studio apartment for sale in Lahore
  3. Furnished Apartment for sale in Lahore
  4. 1 Bed apartment for sale in Lahore
  5. 2 bedroom apartment for sale in Lahore
  6. 3 Bed apartment for sale in Lahore

Typed of apartments for sale in lahore

Rise in Demand of family flats apartments for sale in Lahore

Lahore is the capital city of Punjab, Pakistan. The population of Lahore is growing at an exponential rate. The number of residents within the town has more than tripled as many people from different parts of the country started looking for more job opportunities or higher-quality education. But the city’s boundaries did not expand enough to accommodate the residents due which there is rise in demand of family flats apartments for sale in Lahore. 

family flats for sale in Lahore

Populated cities usually address this issue by changing to vertical mode, which is what Lahore is doing. Check out Karachi, the densely populated city brimming with skyscrapers and high-rise apartments; developers in Lahore, as well as various other policymakers in housing, started the construction of apartment buildings to satisfy the growing need for housing. That is why LDA has approved more than 120 projects offering family flats apartments for sale in Lahore.

Advantages of investing in apartments for sale in Lahore

In modern times, it isn’t easy to live in a community. People are very busy nowadays and don’t have enough time to spend after they return from work. The lifestyle of an apartment in Lahore or a flat in Lahore is entirely different compared to the housing society lifestyle as Lahore is a metropolitan city with a considerable population. 

  • All-day hard work does not provide sufficient time for families to meet neighbors. The flats and apartments are close to one another, and they enjoy a normal lifestyle in the apartment building. 
  • The modern amenities in the projects are mostly shared, like a cinema, laundry room, kid’s play area, and community clubs, ensuring families relax after all day hard work and enjoy modern-day facilities. 
  • Everybody knows everybody in a flat system which gives families a sense of security and that they are not living away from their relatives.

If you want to live away from the city centre and looking for property where you can enjoy a peaceful greenliving in suburbs of Lahore, please click farmhouses for sale in Lahore.

Top 5 Tips for Buying a Flat in Lahore: 

Insights from Rahman Rashid, Real Estate Advisor

  1. Location: When buying a flat in Lahore, prioritize location. Choose a neighbourhood that suits your lifestyle and offers easy access to amenities like schools, parks, and shopping centres.
  2. Budget Wisely: Set a realistic budget for your flat purchase. Consider the upfront cost and ongoing expenses like maintenance fees and utilities. Rahman Rashid recommends getting pre-approved for a mortgage to streamline the buying process.
  3. Research the Market: Before making any decisions, do your homework. Research current market trends, property prices, and developer reputations. Rahman Rashid advises visiting multiple properties to compare options and negotiate the best deal.
  4. Assess Amenities: Evaluate the amenities offered by each flat. Look for features like security systems, parking spaces, and recreational facilities. Rahman Rashid suggests prioritizing safety and convenience when selecting a property.
  5. Seek Professional Advice: Finally, Rahman Rashid emphasizes the importance of seeking advice from a qualified real estate advisor. An experienced advisor can provide valuable insights, guide you through buying, and help you make informed decisions.

Following these tips from Rahman Rashid, you can confidently buy a flat in Lahore.

Buy flat in Lahore

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Flats Apartments for sale in lahore on installments

Developers of high-rise residential projects offer flats for sale in Lahore on installments. Due to rising global inflation, specifically in construction materials prices and Labor. It is difficult for the developer to stick to one payment plan as prices fluctuate. So they have offered:

  1. Prelaunch Payment installment plan
  2. Installment plans during construction with revisions
  3. Payment plans after completion of construction

Flats apartments for sale in Lahore on installments

The reasons why payment plans are in installments

The people who can afford one-time complete payments are very few. It takes a minimum of three to four years to start and complete a high-rise residential flats apartment project. The options included in the payment plans are:

  • Booking fee
  • Downpayment
  • Monthly installments
  • Annual Development charges 
  • Payment on possession

The breakup mentioned above of installments helps most of the clients interested in flats apartments for sale in Lahore on installments to give payments in parts in parallel to the development of the building. 

Advantage of Rental Yield

Some projects also offer rental yields on different payment plans. Everyone wants good returns on investment, and it will be best if the buyer starts profits within a short time of investing. 

Some developers also offer a blend of commercial and residential properties. If you are also interested in commercial properties in Lahore, please click shops for sale in Lahore.


  • PROs
  • Affordability
  • Regular Maintainace
  • Modern Amenities
  • Security & community Living
  • CONS
  • Smaller Living Space
  • Compromise on privacy
  • Noise
  • Less renovation potential

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there an application fee?

Some developers charge an application fee for document processing, and some don’t. You have to review the payment plan in detail, and you can ask your real estate advisor about a specific project.

What are the amenities of the building?

Every residential project offering flats includes some facilities and amenities dependent upon the quality of construction and design. The apartments for sale in Lahore with more amenities will have a higher payment plan than others.

So you must ask your real estate advisor about the amenities available in a building before making any investment.

What are the locations of Property for sale in Lahore you are offering?

There are 4 central prime locations in Lahore which are mentioned below:

  1. Bahria Town
  2. Gulberg
  3. DHA Lahore
  4. Johar Town

What are the lowest and maximum budgets you offer the flats or apartments?

As per the total flat or apartment price, I have created three types of budget ranges to make it easy for my client.

  1. Budget 1 (Upto 5 million)
  2. Budget 2 (5 to 10 Million)
  3. Budget 1 (10 million to 15 million)
  4. Budget 2 (15 million to 30 million)
  5. Budget 3 (More that 30 million)

What are the minimum and maximum download payment percentages to book a unit?

You will find different percentages from different developers. Usually, the booking starts from 10% of the total unit price and goes to 30% max.

If we book today, after how much time can we shift to our apartment?

This is the most common question. It takes 3 to 5 years times to complete the project. If you book today and the building construction work just started, and as per the payment plan, the developer is bound to deliver the complete project within that timeline.