Farmhouses for Sale in Lahore

The most quantity of farmhouses for sale in Lahore is Bedian Road. Other locations include Cantt, Ferozepur road, Manga- Raiwind Road, GT road, and Bahria town. 

Farmhouses are excellent investments in real estate because they have tremendous appreciation potential. Owners can sell their land whenever they need liquidity because it is a valuable asset.

Managing and marketing these investments allows owners to get higher returns on their investments. Farmhouses in Lahore can be used for weddings, corporate events, and as second homes in Lahore.

Access Bedian road having guide by google map

Farmhouses for sale in Lahore

Farmhouses Pakistan

The best location for farmhouses for sale in Pakistan are Lahore and Islamabad. 

There is no longer a time when farms were isolated from all amenities. While the majority of farmhouses in Pakistan are situated near the city’s outskirts and are not in the middle of town, many modern housing communities now have farmhouses to rent within their master plans.

It means you can get the opportunity to live on a farm with your piece of land while also being a few minutes away from high-quality schools and supermarkets, hospitals and markets, and everything else you require to live comfortably.

Benefits of Farmhouses for sale in Pakistan

Here are a few of the most significant benefits of owning a farmhouse in Pakistan that could inspire you to purchase an exquisite farmhouse.

  • Getting out of the routine is as simple as that
  • An event venue that is ideal for holding events
  • You can make your food at home
  • Animal breeding
  • The revenue increase from rental properties
  • It’s the perfect retirement home
  • A peaceful and beautiful environment.


Farmhouses for sale in Pakistan

Farmhouses for sale in Lahore

Important points before purchasing

  • You must verify the land’s fertility before buying it. The registry papers should include information about the ground, the soil type, and the crops grown on it.
  • Property walls should be erected around your land. In addition to water and electricity connections, you should check for other amenities. Peaceful and lush areas are what most people get serious about looking for farmhouses for sale in Lahore.
  • When purchasing farmhouses in Lahore, it is essential to verify the applicable taxes, as they may vary depending on the type and size of the land.
  • Check the land records to determine the boundaries of your property lines. If your selected farmhouse is only zoned for cultivation crops, you might not be able to raise livestock. These points should be verified.

If you want to live in city centre and looking for property in a community, please click flats apartments for sale in Lahore.

Surroundings of farmhouses in Lahore for sale

As we mentioned previously, a farmhouse is generally located in a peaceful setting. Many farmhouses are found away from the main roads with lush green lawns, farms, and gardens in the surrounding area.

The beauty of your farmhouse can be enhanced after you purchase it. You can also add fountains, shrubs, bushes, lakes, swimming pools, barbecue areas, and other amenities to make it more enjoyable and comfortable. Those looking for farmhouses to rent will appreciate this.

Farmhouse communities with a high level of development

Even though most Pakistani farmhouses are outside of towns, many modern housing communities offer farmhouses for sale in their master plans, even though farms are no longer isolated from essential amenities.

While still close to schools, hospitals, and grocery stores, you can live in a farmhouse on your own land.

Location of Farmhouses for sale in lahore

  1. Bedian Road Farmhouse
  2. Barki Road Farmhouse

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Benefits of buying a farmhouse in Lahore

The advantages of buying on offer farmhouse for sale in Lahore are obvious for nature-lovers. Farmhouses are also excellent options for those who wish to live in a traditional farmhouse.

Benefits of farmhouses for sale in Lahore

For others, the benefits can provide an insightful look into a modern approach to living.

  • Relaxation from a hectic lifestyle. A monotonous and repetitive life can be hard to relax from.
  • A natural environment can make your experience more enjoyable by accessing wild food such as fruits and vegetables.
  • You want to enjoy your retirement in a peaceful environment. A farmhouse environment will enable you to achieve this.
  • A lush green surrounding is both beautiful and soothing to the human mind. In addition to providing a peaceful environment, greenery helps improve brain performance by giving it freshness.
  • The developed farmhouse communities offer people a better living experience than a city apartment. Everyone should experience a countryside experience at least once in their lives.
  • The farmhouse environment is conducive to fostering healthy livestock growth, bringing you closer to nature.
  • It is possible to rent the farmhouse to bring in additional income, or you can host various events there.

Sizes of Lahore Farmhouses for sale

The Lahore farmhouses for sale  are large, luxurious, and comfortable homes. It’s a pleasant place to spend time with your family and friends. The living room is spacious, and it is usually filled with sunlight and the smell of fresh air. The kitchen is also spacious, and it has everything you need. There is a large dining room, and you can also have dinner there.

You can even have your own garden. The bedrooms are comfortable, and there are usually a lot of them. You can choose to have as many bedrooms as you want. If you want to, you can also have a separate room for your children. There are many types of farmhouses in Lahore. You can choose the one that you like the most.

We are offering different sizes of farmhouses for sale in Lahore

Lahore farmhouses for sale

Farmhouse plot land for sale in Lahore

If you are looking for farmhouse plot land for sale in LahoreBedian Oasis Lahore is the project on this platform offering plots for building farmhouses. 

Plot size in Bedian Oasis 

  1. Residential plot sizes are 2 Kanal having 9000 SFT area

As one of Lahore’s most significant residential developments, Bedian Oasis is one of the most stunning additions to the ever-expanding real estate market.

More than 50 residential plots are available at the Bedian Oasis.

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  • PROs
  • There is a lot of space and time for expansion.
  • You don’t have to spend a fortune on a home that fits your needs.
  • An excellent place to start an agricultural farm or keep animals.
  • There is a certain peace and tranquility about living in a farmhouse, especially at night. It’s like living in nothingness. You don’t have to bother people all the time.
  • Best for get togethers and renting out the property for fuctions like marraige and parties
  • CONS
  • Getting around isn’t always easy since there are no public or mass transportation options in the country, so you’ll have to drive yourself.
  • There may be a better way to reach facilities, such as shopping or medical services, depending on where you live and whether there is a hospital or clinic.
  • Additionally, if your property is not near a town, you will have to arrange your own utilities and services.
  • There is a certain peace and tranquility about living in a farmhouse, especially at night. It’s like living in nothingness. You don’t have to bother people all the time.
  • Best for get togethers and renting out the property for fuctions like marraige and parties

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the features of a farmhouse?

The following are the facilities available to the community members:

  • Gated community
  • 24/7 CCTV and Physical security surveillance
  • Community centre
  • Mosque
  • Care taking and maintenance
  • Underground electricity
  • Carpeted roads
  • High speed internet

What are different plot land sizes for farmhouses for sale in Lahore?

Lahore offers 2, 3, 4 till upto 8 kanal farmhouses on different prime locations.

What are other types of properties you are offering?

I also offer following properties

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