House for sale in Lahore

You can get the house for sale in Lahore at a low price if you have a limited budget. If you need it urgently, you will also find some options. Some clients also ask us for single or double-story availability, and we provide them with opportunities at suitable locations. Houses for sale in Lahore are also available in installments.

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House for sale in Lahore

Many houses in Lahore are built-in communities, and individual properties on the investor’s or resident’s private land are purchased. However, the most important thing is the location, as we mentioned earlier. A great house is located in a desirable area that is the essentials. Such as hospitals, the airport, schools, and shopping centers. Rahman Rashid conducted a thorough study on the house for sale in Lahore in various places, particularly Gulberg, and was pleasantly surprised by the rising demand for these properties and decided to work on this.

Buy house in Lahore but consider following 

  1. Site & Location
  2. Purchase Price
  3. Motive to buy house in Lahore
  4. Time of construction till date
  5. Maintenance period
  6. Floor plans and bed rooms
  7. Design of kitchen
  8. Finishing of the house

Why People invest in House for Sale in lahore on Installments?

Are you looking for a house for sale in Lahore on installments? You are exactly at the right place. We will provide LDA-approved and FBR Cleared inventory. 

Following are the reasons why you need to invest in a house in Lahore:

  • A house provides security, stability, and a sense of belonging.
  • It serves as a sanctuary and a place to call home.
  • Owning a house offers privacy, independence, and the freedom to personalize the living space.
  • It symbolizes achievement and financial stability.
  • A house fulfills basic human needs for shelter, safety, and belonging.

Sizes for House for sale in Lahore

Various housing options are available in Lahore to meet different preferences and needs. In Lahore’s bustling real estate market, you can find everything from cozy tiny homes for small families to spacious residences with luxury and grandeur. 

The housing options in Lahore are ample, whether you’re a first-time buyer looking for affordability or an investor looking for upscale living. In this vibrant and dynamic city, a house for sale in Lahore offer prime locations, modern amenities, and competitive prices.

  1. 3 Marla House
  2. 5 Marla House
  3. 10 Marla House
  4. 1 Kanal House 
  5. 2 Kanal House 
  6. Furnished House 

Single Story House for Sale in Lahore

  • Single-story house for sale in Lahore offers convenient living spaces.
  • They are suitable for individuals and families.
  • These properties feature all rooms on one level.
  • They eliminate the need for stairs.
  • Ideal for people with mobility concerns.
  • They boast open and airy interiors.
  • Single-story houses are easier to maintain.
  • They come in various sizes and designs.
  • Suitable for buyers seeking practicality and comfort.

Single story house for sale in Lahore

Various types of people are interested in a single-story house for sale in Lahore:

  1. Elderly Individuals: Those who prefer or require single-level living due to mobility concerns or accessibility needs.
  2. Families with Young Children: Parents who want to avoid the risks associated with stairs and prefer a safer environment for their children.
  3. Individuals with Disabilities: People with disabilities who require barrier-free living spaces for ease of movement and independence.
  4. Busy Professionals: Individuals who prioritize convenience and prefer a low-maintenance home that requires less upkeep.
  5. Retirees: Retired individuals or couples who seek a simpler lifestyle without the hassle of multiple floors to navigate.
  6. Investors: Real estate investors who recognize the demand for single-story properties and target this market segment for rental income or resale opportunities.
  7. Those Seeking Comfort: Anyone who values the comfort and convenience offered by single-story living and prefers a layout that maximizes accessibility and functionality.

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House for sale in Lahore Low Price

A house for sale in Lahore low price is a 3 marla house due to its smaller size compared to larger properties.

These houses are more affordable for buyers with limited budgets or those looking for entry-level options in the real estate market.

Additionally, the lower price may also be influenced by factors such as the location of the property, its condition, and the prevailing market trends.

Despite being priced lower, these small houses still offer essential amenities and can be a viable choice for individuals or small families seeking homeownership in Lahore without breaking the bank.

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House for sale in Lahore Low Price


  • PROs
  • A good long-term investment
  • Greater privacy
  • Offers stability and security
  • Stability
  • Allows for customization and personalization
  • Symbolizes achievement and financial stability
  • Builds equity over time
  • CONS
  • High upfront costs
  • Less mobility
  • Maintenance costs
  • Long-term commitment
  • Requires substantial down payment
  • Symbolizes achievement and financial stability
  • Builds equity over time

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. House for sale in Gulberg Lahore
  2. DHA 
  3. Bahria Town 
  4. Johar town 
  5. Wapda Town 
  6. Askari
  7. PAF Complex
  8. Iqbal Town Lahore
  9. Valencia Town Lahore

It would be best to keep a few things in mind when selling a house in Lahore. These are as follows:

  1. Finding an agent and conducting preliminary research
  2. The commission paid by the agent
  3. Money as a token
  4. A deposit is required
  5. No-demand Certificate (NDC)
  6. Taxes
  7. Transfer letter

If you find the right buyer, they must offer you a small amount of money. This amount proves the buyer’s intentions to purchase the property. It also holds the property for the buyer in a sense. It is possible to provide an image copy of the original property documents to the buyer after receiving the token.

You need to apply to have the documents verified by the buyer if the land falls under the domain of the Land Development Authority. Then, the officials of the land authority will request you and the buyer to attend on a specific date. The buyer will be presented with the documents proving the property’s authenticity in your presence.

Lahore Development Authority (LDA) is responsible for the construction and development of Lahore. They have made bye-laws for construction which are followed