Property for sale in Gulberg Lahore

There are different types of property for sale in Gulberg Lahore. It is renowned for its high-end shopping centers, restaurant, luxurious residential areas, and the Hafeez Center (perhaps Asia’s largest mobile and computer markets). 

The city is also home to Lahore’s Gaddafi Stadium Sports Complex, the venue for Pakistani cricket, and the country’s fashion industry.

In Gulberg, there are two major markets: Main Market and Liberty Market. Main Market is an ever-growing shopping center with many shops, while Liberty Market is generally geared toward women. 

Gulberg’s M. M. Alam street is famous for its numerous upscale restaurants, fashion-forward boutiques, beauty salons, and furniture stores. On the other side of the Main Market lies The Canal Park Bazar, with more than 1000 shops selling everyday items.

There are numerous fitness centers, Gadaffi Stadium for cricket, a hockey stadium, and a soccer stadium. Several outdoor sports can be held throughout the year, including the marathon.

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True to its literal meaning, Gulberg – a garden with flowers – is admired for hosting picturesque gardens and lush green parks. 

Property for sale in Gulberg Lahore

There are four subareas, each with a variety of blocks. Additionally, these subdivisions have all the amenities and facilities needed to live a quality lifestyle. The administration of the residential marvel has carefully ensured that uninterrupted water, gas, and electricity supply, waste management systems, and fully-developed and carpeted roads are available.

Best locations to invest in Gulberg Lahore

Furthermore, Gulberg, Lahore, is home to famous markets such as Ghalib Market and Liberty Market. The Ferozepur Road, MM Alam Road, and Canal Road are some of the most important roads connecting Gulberg.

Regarding high returns on investment (ROI), parking money into property for sale in Gulberg Lahore is prudent for an investor. Compared to five years ago, people who bought property here now receive almost double what they paid.